The cover design is what sells magazine and gives it a unique identity. Vidzpro magazine cover page design services can render extremely sophisticated, artistic and impressive compositions keeping in tone with the magazine’s purpose. For technical magazines, we can come up with a magazine cover page design that reflects the contents. For airlines in-flight magazines our creative artists adapt a different approach in consonance with the established theme yet going off at a tangent for each issue, maintaining the overall theme but creating something radically impressive each time.

Our magazine cover page design service covers:

  • High quality photography of people, products, buildings or objects as may be required
  • Accept your image and transform it into a high quality image suitable for the magazine cover through photo editing technique
  • Typography and layout of the cover
We also take into consideration the paperstock on which the cover will be printed, the printing process and the printing equipment in order to ensure perfection.

In addition to coming up with original cover design for magazines, our experts also maintain an extensive library of magazine design templates that can be reused. Should you feel like designing your magazine cover on your own, you can use our magazine design templates in the preferred graphics program?

Pricing is a critial factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.
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