Portraits straight out of a camera, even the finest one with ideal studio lighting still have blemishes and need a portrait editor to take care of minor (or major) flaws and imperfections. This can range from something as simple as smoothing the skin and giving it the right tone to complex image retouching like removing blemishes, spots, hairs, under eye shadows, a twist of the lips or a slightly skewed look to the eye, for example.

If the portrait will be used for product promotion, it is all the more necessary to ensure it is pixel perfect and conveys exactly what it is intended to do. Our photo editor wizards are expert at photo retouching. Vidzpro photo retouching services and portrait image editing services are way beyond ordinary because it is art, science and technique all blended into one to deliver professional results. We offer airbrushing, restoration, skin retouching and the entire gamut of services required in portrait editing. The results look flawlessly natural.

Pricing is a critial factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.
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