Vidzpro wedding video editing service transforms your videos from footage captured randomly into a finely woven movie that tells a story of the couple coming together for life. We offer wedding video editing for professional videographers and for individuals. Outsource marriage video editing to Vidzpro and you get a video you will cherish and love to watch over and over again.

Vidzpro has full in-house video editing capabilities in terms of hardware, software and experts in editing who weave together clips seamlessly, cut and joined at just the right points to deliver a video that sustains interest. We can take footage extending over several hours and condense it into a short, beautiful video of your wedding. Our wedding video experts add music of your choice and enhance the video with special effects, titles, color corrections and improvements.Further, we can convert video from one format to another and deliver in AVCHD, H.264, mpeg4, AVI or any other format ranging from low resolution for web to ultra high 4K for display on large LCDs.

Pricing is a critial factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.
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