We are the Mandrake of images. We work magic. We transform. We create. We rectify. We enhance. For us each image is a challenge. Each video is an opportunity. If it is good, we can make it better. If it is better, it can always become the finest and create a lasting impression.

Our image editing and video editing sections are manned by people who could be accused of being pixel peepers for photographic images and frame maniacs for video editing and they would be proud of it. Zealous, committed, inspired, inspiring, innovative and creative, these people have one objective: perfection. Yet, we can transform plain reality to excitingly impressive imagery through our magical transformation. Image and video editing are complemented by our graphic design capability that helps you with marketing collaterals that are polished beyond compare.

Get in touch with us. Our midas touch will change your perception of photos and videos. Just see the classic before and after effects and you will want us to do something for you. It will help you in your business.

Mission: Our aim is to become masters in video and photo editing to the extent that we can make each pixel, each frame become the realization of a vision and a concept..

Vision: The tools and the world of photo and video editing are far from perfect. But we make do with what we have and aim to be known as a firm that magically transforms images and videos with the midas touch.


We work with fashion brands, footwear, furniture, photographers, real estate agents, wedding photographers, educational institutions, product companies, small to large scale companies. We are ready to work with companies who have requirements matching our services we offer.
Yes, of course, before we get started on the actual project, we would like to understand the scope well; hence the trial will help us to understand it better. Also you can evaluate our capability towards the quality we deliver to our clients. If in case the scope is complex, then we suggest for a review before we go ahead to work on the files.
Yes, we strongly believe our client’ data are confidential and we have no rights to use them for our benefits. We tend to clear all the project files after a week of completion/ acceptance of the project. This helps us to make more space for more incoming files.
We always share the pricing depending on factors like input files, preferred editing process and time taken to develop each file.

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