Communicating is an Art
January 2nd, 2019

In the business world, marketing has many dimensions but on a fundamental level it is the act of communication. A good marketing professional’s most important skill is communication. It is simple to write an email introducing your services or product to a stranger, it is much harder to write a compelling email that will hold the attention of the reader for longer than 10 seconds. A great email should have a concise subject line which immediately grabs the attention of the reader, a straightforward subject body explaining the need for your service and a polite conclusion which is the most important part.

Sometimes an email can be followed up with a call if you have the number available. Again, it is imperative to know when exactly to make the call for maximum productiveness. Marketing experts agree that the three best days to make a call are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Mondays are busy post Sunday and Fridays put people in the weekend mood. Likewise, the best time to make calls in the 4-5 pm window as the first half of the day is taken by meetings and lunch times.

We live in a globalized world, which means for truly effective communication we must be well informed about the various cultures of the world. Communication is always a two-way street, you must develop good listening habit or be a good reader of emails so there is no miscommunication of facts. The field of marketing and arts are closely linked as modes of communication. Good art incorporated with your marketing campaign can help your brand create a unique niche in the minds of people, creating a lasting impression. For reference read up on Andy Warhol’s impact in advertising. He has created some of the most iconic ad campaigns of the world using commercial brands and art.

At VIDZPRO we have developed a synergy between our marketing and art department to make sure we are committed in developing your vision artistically at the same time being dedicated to customer care. All our marketing campaigns so far have been unique with their own aesthetic signatures. Your vision is safe in our hands.

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