Make effective video for Web
December 27th, 2018

Video is a fast-growing medium for digital marketing, with video downloads growing nearly 100% from 2016-2017. It is an interactive format for companies to exhibit their brand to customers. They can engage their customers and get instantaneous customer feedback at the same time.

Today video editing technology is accessible to everyone with easy to use tools for even beginners to start working on their shot footage. However, making a good viral video will take time and expertise. Here are some tips to get started:

Understand the target audience: Before hashing out a script, it is important to understand the people who are going to see and be compelled to share the video. The content will have to be developed depending on the intended demographic. For example, if the video is primarily meant for elderly people, it should begin with a relaxing background with a muted color tone setting a calming mood.

Videos can also showcase testimonials from long-time customers so potential customers have someone to relate to before deciding on investing in your product or service.

Write a basic script: If you have never made a brand video before it can be daunting to make one from scratch. Consider bringing in an expert to help you write the script. They spend all their work hours writing multiple scripts for a variety of projects, so they can help put your concept on paper. The video should not be sales oriented, instead focused on telling a story revolving around the values of your company.

Once the script is ready, have a team meeting and do table read. This can help you get suggestions or ideas from the entire team. You might get ideas which can be included into your script.  If your script has humor it helps to view reactions from your team to avoid seeming tasteless once the video drops.

Put together a crew and choosing locations: Once the concept and script is ready, you can hire a semi-pro or pro crew to help you bring script to life. If you are on a tight budget, you can speak to people around the office who are passionate about the project to help you make it in-house.

Picking a location with enough light is crucial to the clarity of the end-product. It’s better to set up artificial lighting along with natural lights to eliminate shadows and highlight certain aspects of the background. The set also must be somewhere you can control external sounds to avoid unnecessary noise in the video. As you might have shoot with colleagues appearing in front of camera you might have to keep the energy up during the process, so any tired eyes or fatigue does not show up in the video.

Avoid making it too long- A good brand video is ideally under five minutes long. You will not be able to show every single detail of your brand, but you can creatively underline the best features. If you include too much and the video becomes too long, the viewer will get distracted and completely skip the entire video.

Use the right channels:  A good concept video is useless if enough people don’t see it. The video must be uploaded on multiple social media platforms for maximum coverage. The employees across the company should also be encouraged to share it among their friends and family.

If you company has a website, the video can be embedded on the landing page, if the video content is captivating, there are chances the video can go viral which means more exposure to your company.

At VIDZPRO, we have worked with start-ups and big corporations to develop original concept videos which showcase their brand value while telling a story. With a deep background in digital marketing and an understanding of what makes content go viral, we have directed several successful video campaigns. Watch you brand video take off with panache with VIDZPRO.

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