Point and Shoot Photography
January 7th, 2019

Photography is deeply interlinked with the digital age; some experts are claiming it will be the most important aspect of the social media platform. Photography is an art form has been diluted by the advent of smartphones whose powerful capabilities has made nearly anyone with a smart device camera describe themselves as a photographer.

The market for point and shoot cameras which ushered in the age of digital photography and the end of film photography has been cannibalized by the smart device market. There are only a few well-established brands selling compact digital cameras these days which come with high end features and expensive price tags.

Smart phones made it possible for moments to be shared instantly which made it ideal for millennial’s with hyper fast lives. Also, it is simpler to take stunning photographs of every day occurrences with a smart phone as the camera sensor automatically optimizes the settings to get the best result.

Even though professional photography is a long way from pointing and shooting, professional photographers are also carrying high end smart devices in their pocket which allows them to capture moments on the go. Smartphone cameras are not only being used by the younger generation to capture photographs of life events, but also for setting reminders and live-streaming breaking news events.

Smart device photo-shoot has made photography more accessible to anyone who is interested, but not educated them. This has overfilled the market with professional photographers looking for work, but also pushed talented photographers to work harder to stand out with distinguished work. Social media and photography have a symbiotic relationship with photographs increasingly uploaded and shared across sites like Facebook and Instagram which in turn gives budding photographers a platform to showcase their work.

Technology is changing the photographer’s landscape for sure. In the coming years, it will be interesting to note how professional photographers will evolve to change with the times and how new photographers will stick out from the crowd.



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