The Technology of Design
November 21st, 2018

Photoshop turns 30 this year, in a lot of design firms it is much older than the designers that use it. Here, we clock 12-13 hours everyday working on the versatile platform to impart a personal design signature on all our projects.

Photoshop is not about retouching old photographs or editing family collages anymore, it has evolved into the perfect multifaceted tool for all digital marketing professionals. When paired with Creative Cloud, it is an essential part of any designer’s work. Just like the sharpest tool is simply dangerous in the hands people who are unaware on how to use it, the true potential of Photoshop can only be realized after years of practice and dedication.

As anyone who works in marketing is aware, enhancing photos to look good on a multitude of screen sizes is an essential skill to promote any product or service. With Photoshop we can ensure that the visual focus will remain consistent on 4K screens and 4.5-inch smart phone screens. Additionally, when stock photos are dull or unimaginative to work with, we can always count on Photoshop to add creative flair. Even the spatial arrangement between the subject of a photo increases the aesthetic value of a social media post, which should grab the attention of even a casual browser. From simple adjustments of contrast and saturation to more advanced features like text wrapping, Photoshop can help us nail the presentation of your brand the way you intended to.

We spend countless hours adjusting, tweaking, correcting, and cloning different elements to make sure your photographs and graphics really pop. For any new brand the importance of the first impression is paramount. For any potential client or customer, the first form of interaction is visual, which means our work must be impeccable, while at the same time reflecting the core values of the product.

The efficiency is not limited to use on visual media, it can also be used to design logos, trademarks, custom color schemes and merchandising. Logos placement on a product can be envisioned before the product goes live. Graphical representation make articles more engrossing, making sure that users spend a few minutes going through a post, increasing social media engagement and visitor-to-lead conversion rates. The potential of Photoshop in the right are hands are truly limitless, with the power to either make or break marketing campaigns.

At Vidzpro Services, we will help you streamline your marketing content for maximum coverage through the intelligent use of Photoshop. We give all our projects attention to detail with surgical precision.

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